Confused by where to watch the world cup in Sheffield? Look no further comrades!

Welcome to Kickov….’The’ biggest, free world cup 2018 festival in Sheffield! Experience the thrill of the world cup in ultra high-quality definition on the biggest screen in the city! Plus outdoor screens more outdoor bars = epic world cup Sheffield vibes!

Abbeydale Picturehouse has been transformed for the tournament in 2018.

Fans can sample craft beer & street-food, as well as enjoy our outdoor terrace. With additional features such as PS4 FIFA/ old school Nintendo FIFA/ Table Football / Beer pong and more there’s tons to do in between matches!

Join your fellow comrades and unite to witness the epic drama unfold on football’s biggest stage at Kickov this summer.

We welcome international world cup fans from all cultures & faiths and are doing everything possible to create a safe, welcoming and accessible platform for visitors to enjoy the free festival of football this summer!

Feel free to check into our Facebook events HERE

Please note:

All match-days are FREE to enter! No tickets required!



Following an epic world cup, we will be back for more high profile, top-level immersive footy action soon!

Travel Info


387 Abbeydale Road,
Sheffield ,
S7 1FS

Abbeydale Picturehouse is situated on the popular Abbeydale Road in Sheffield, minutes from the city centre and accessible by public transport.

For detailed directions please check this link for more detail . Alternatively feel free to checkout the google map below.

Please note:

All match-days are FREE to enter! Bring as many pals as you like!


+ What exactly is Kickov?

Kickov is a Russian themed, immersive World cup screening event taking place over the duration of the world cup tournament this summer, June 14th to July 15th.

Each match-day there will be one or more FREE! LIVE! world cup football matches streamed into the Abbeydale Picturehouse theatre. Visitors are able to watch the games in comfortable, safe surroundings in a vibrant football festival atmosphere. Most Match-days will feature live bands, DJ’s & Comedy to add to the immersive nature of Kickov*. There will be selected street-food and a bar on-site serving ice cold refreshments at mates rates.

+ Can I bring my own Food & drink into the venue?

Nope, we have specially selected street-food, awesome craft beer, Prosecco & Cider among other delicious drinks to satisfy your tastebuds.

Food & Drink from outside the venue is not allowed to be consumed on-site under any circumstances, visitors will be ejected from the venue should anyone be found with their own alcohol or food at Kickov. C’mon it’s Free entry guys! Kickov is 100% independent – Support the cause!

+ Are animals & Children allowed into the venue?

Children & families are welcome for all Match days &  world cup games.

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Unfortunately no animals or pets will be allowed access to Kickov except in the outdoor terrace section.

+ Can I smoke at Kickov?

Smokers and vapers can do so in the vicinity of the carpark/ terrace area which is outside alongside the Kickov screening venue.